William Throws Temper Tantrum Because He Has To Do His Homework10:10

William Throws Temper Tantrum Because He Has To Do His Homework

Plot Edit

William was due to do homework after a snowstorm hit, but he refuses to do so. He threatens to break the camera and he can be seen crumpling his homework. He then panicks and cries in rage thinking that the work would take so long.The video ends with William leaving so he can sleep but since he didnt do the work the video was uploaded

Triva Edit

  • This is the most viewed video in the Violette1st with over 4.6 million views as of April 2017
  • The words Cause it says... homework and I'll break that camera! are the most famous words in the channel because it was used in one of their intros.
  • This is the first Violette1st raging video, uploaded on January 23, 2011

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