William's raging series is a playlist made by Violette1st. It is where William goes nuts and break things. Since William's parents destroyed his xbox one, other family members started breaking things too. Violette1st said that the videos are real according to a interview. But like the Psycho Series, there has been many theriores proving it's real or fake.


It began in 2010 when Lucy steals the Wii and William tries to get it back. William also threw a fit in 2010. Then in 2011, William gets upset because he has to do his homework. This video became the most viewed video on the Violette1st channel. Since then, the series has been getting more and more popular. At one point in the series, Williams parents were tired of his attitude with the Xbox One, so Bill shoots the Xbox and Violette axes it. Since that day, other family members have destroyed stuff like Lucy burned a GTA 5 disc and Andy throwing William's AC off the roof. The series is still going to this day and who knows what is next in stores for this playlist...