WILLIAM SHOOTS THE TV!!! is a YouTube video submitted by Violette1st on November 27, 2016.


Violette wants to do family night and watch Christmas movies on William's Xbox because Andy wasn't at thanksgiving. This gets William triggered and won't allow them to watch Christmas Movies on his Xbox because he says his Xbox is for video games and that he hate Christmas Movies. This triggers Violette too and she takes the Xbox as William unplugs the cord not allowing Andy and Violette to watch Christmas Movies. This, however, only makes William go crazy and returns downstairs with a sniper rifle. He threatens them first asking them if he can play Xbox downstairs and Andy says no because he wants to watch Christmas movies. William then goes to the TV and shoots it. Violette screams when she saw that William shot the TV and then William got a pickax and smashes the screen off. Violette yelled "OH MY GOSH WILLIAM NO!!!!" and makes him take the TV outside. He laughs and lays off the TV, making Andy force William to take the TV outside. He also tries to get his Xbox, but Andy fought him and Violette took the Xbox and slammed it on the TV. William tries to get it, but Andy tackles him and they fight.



  • Despite Violette getting angry at William every time he curses she dosen't get angry at him sarcastically saying "ITS F***ING CHRISTMAS".