"WILLIAM SHATTERS THE DISHES!!!" is a video posted on the Violette1st YouTube channel and is the 53rd video in Williams Raging Series Playlist.


The video starts with Violette seeing all the dirty dishes stacked up in the sink saying that William was suppose to do the dishes since it is summer and he has more time. It's been two days since the dishes are piling up and Violette can't seem to make dinner at all because of the dirty dishes. Violette then calls William to get downstairs by coming upstairs and to get off the Xbox and do the dishes, but William said he will do it later. He later gets off the Xbox to do it when his mom threatens to turn off the internet, But when William puts the dishes in the dishwasher incorrectly, his mom mocks him before he shatters the dishes (along with one William slams but doesn't shatter) and makes a mess on the floor with the soap & water. After shattering the dishes, washing a plastic dish using a paper towel instead of a sponge and stacking the dishwasher incorrectly, Violette calls William again to get him back to the kitchen to clean up the mess he made but he makes his mom clean it but his mom refuses so it looks them they won't be eating dinner tonight. William then goes back to play Xbox before his mom turns off the internet.


  • Usually when Violette calls William downstairs she would wait for William to come down, but in this video she calls William by coming upstairs and confronting him in his room.