Violette is suspicious of a call from William. Violette then records William's call for the next seven minutes and thirty seconds before confronting him and finding out what he is doing. It turns out he is prank calling a company claiming to be Microsoft. She has a fight with William to get his phone to talk with the scammer. He tells Violette that the person on the phone can fix his computer, but she said she will fix it for him. The scammer then hangs up, and Violette and William fight about the scam call. In the end, he says that the scammers take your money and that he was not give them the credit card. The video ends with Violette saying she's confused.

Trivia Edit

  • The scam in this video is tech support scam, where scammers tell you about a virus on your computer, or other problems on your computer in attempts to get remote access to your computer.
  • William defines this scam wrong. Tech support will get your credit card once they get remote access to your computer.

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