WILLIAM SAID SH*T!!! is a YouTube video sumbitted by Violette1st. It is one of Violette1st's most viewed videos, having over 1 million views as of mid 2018.


The video starts with Violette wanting to spy on William for a vlog for the Violette2nd channel while he plays video games. During that, William happened to say "sh*t". This causes his mom to flip out and tells Bill about William saying his first cuss word and they both go see what William was thinking and Violette claims that William can become a hoodlum and will join a gang now that he cussed which worries her. William tells his parents to get out of his room, but they refuse, saying that this is their house which leads to an argument. The video ends with William in bed and Violette telling him again not to cuss, triggering William.


  • This video is originally going to be a vlog video for Violette1st's second account, Violette2nd, but due to the fact William said "sh*t" on it, this video is now on Violette1st's William raging videos.
  • Oddly enough, she doesn't blast Bill for the horrible language he was using.
  • William also said the word "sh*t" in SISTER BAKES BROTHER'S XBOX CONTROLLER IN OVEN INSIDE CAKE!!!.
  • This is the first time William cusses in a video.