Tonight's dinner was gonna involve burgers along with Veggie Burgers for Violette. So Violette tried to get William downstairs, but William responded saying he will be down in a little bit. Violette tells Bill that he won't come down so Bill decided to call him downstairs telling him he made Burgers but William responded saying he won't come down and eat. Bill threatened William saying if he doesn't come down Bill will eat the Burgers and William will eat nothing. When she said they were gonna have dinner and mentions dessert, he ran down but Violette and Bill say he has to eat food first before dessert. He was mad because they served onions and tomatoes for the burgers (despite the fact he hates vegetables). He gets mad and ruins the food and takes it outside and burns it. He then goes back inside and tells his mother to leave him alone and he's going back to play on his Xbox again. After going back inside William yells at his parents and says he doesn't want to be a part of burger night and threw stuff out of his room down the stairs and Violette said he will lose his phone data.


  • This is the second time William burns food. The first being DOMINO'S $7.99 DEAL GONE WRONG!!!