KID SETS DADS CAR ON FIRE is an episode in the raging series.


William is raging at his Xbox again. His mother, Violette, calls him down to get off because he has been on Xbox all day and says Life exists beyond Xbox but William refuses. Then, his dad, Bill, threatened him to turn off the internet if William continues to rage on Xbox. Then William continues to rage and Bill decided to turn off the internet and William gets furious and is heard smashing something and comes down and yells at Bill to stop turning off the internet. William goes outside with a towel, and then grabs the fire materials and gets ready to start a fire in Bill's car as his revenge for Bill turning off the internet. Violette calls Bill to come outside to tell him about William getting ready to burn the car and William ends up setting the car on fire. Violette and Bill flip out and Bill ends up extinguishing the fire with the hose. William gets so mad he yells at his parents saying he can't stand them anymore, calls them stupid and not to mess with him then began throwing rocks and the car. Bill says William is paying for the damages to his car but William refuses to pay and William telling his dad to Get Rekt. After the fire, Violette asks him to sit down and tells him that he should see a doctor. Later, Violette shows the damage done. The video was uploaded on April 10, 2016.

Things Destroyed

Victim Destructor Method Result
Bill's car William Lit on fire and rocks were thrown at it Interior is completely destroyed, with the seats charred and gutted. The exterior is mostly unharmed. Somehow, the car is still damaged.


  • Bill refers to him burning the car on later videos when he brings up his bad behaviors, resulting in his relationship problems with William.
  • This is often considered one of the darkest episodes in the series.
  • Violette states that William needs to see the doctor (therapist) for his behavior.
  • If you listen closely at 3:08, you can hear Bill angrily yelling at William, saying, "You're a f**kin' idiot!"
  • The title has been changed to "KID SETS DADS CAR ON FIRE".
  • This is the second time William has destroyed parts on Bill’s car since WILLIAM SHATTERS CAR WINDOW TO GET XBOX!!!.
  • While the model was not revealed to anyone, commenters have assumed that the car was a Saturn SL-2