William Drills Andy's tablet to the deck is the 42nd video in William's raging playlist. It was posted June 30, 2016.



Plot Edit

The video starts off with William calling Violette1st outside. When she arrives outside, William tells her to go film from the ground. Despite being skeptical, she does it anyway, while also criticizing William for his decision, asking him why he did it. He doesn't say and says because he wants to. After drilling it in, he hammers it to make sure it's in the deck. Violette says he should forgive Andy for the air conditioner he threw and move past it. William denies the air conditioner being the reason and proceeds with the prank. One hour later, William tries to wake Andy up for it, but when he's unsuccessful, he takes an air horn and blows it repeatedl. Frustrated, Andy walks outside to find his phone and tablet. Upon realizing William had drilled it to the deck, he confronts William, asking him why he did it. William says because he wanted to, but then they get into an argument about the air conditioner, and Andy chases William around with the drill, threatening to screw William with it. The video ends with Andy vowing revenge, and Violette saying it was a rude prank.

Trivia Edit

  • At 1:19, a kid screams "I WANT IT!!!" in the background.

Reception Edit

Fans thought this episode was funny because of Andy saying "How would you like it if I screw you?!" after seeing his drilled electronics.

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