Plot Edit



The video starts with William freaking out because Bill brought home 3 Big Macs but wouldn't give him one. Bill tells William he isn't getting one of the Big Macs because he doesn't deserve it after all the stuff he destroyed that belonged to him (car, phone, work tools, TV, credit card, etc.).William's mom thought Bill was teasing William but Bill disagreed and claimed William is very spoiled and behaves like a baby. William then stole his fries and eats a couple of them, in which Bill demands him to give it back. After pausing for a brief moment, he chucks the box of fries at him. Violetta tell William she'll get him a Subway sub or something, in which he refuses. William argues with is Dad saying that he breaks his Xbox and not giving him a Big Mac, and Bill just replies he doesn't care. William then retaliates by slapping the Big Mac off his hands. After that, he then grabs another Big Mac from the bag and shoved it in Bill's face, and then taking the last Big Mac for himself. Bill ended up following him, demanding his burger back. In which William just ignores him while running out of the house, still eating his Big Mac. All while Violetta tells Bill to let him eat the Big Mac, and assures him that Big Mac aren't even healthy anyway, but Bill is persistent about getting the burger back. Once William chucked the casing on the floor and enters the house. Violetta tells him "You happy now?" William then proceeds to lock them both outside. Bill tells his wife that he'll pay for that. Eventually, William unlocked the door but was nowhere in sight. Violetta then comments about the mess they made, she asks William to come out since he got his food. William and Bill then exchange insults while walking away from each other. Violetta then comments that Movie Night is ruined.

Reception Edit

This video received negative reviews from fans, who criticized Bill for flipping out over a Big Mac, and several expressing concern over Bill's health. Some fans laughed at the stupidity of the argument.

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