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    Written and Produced by Rush Richardson, 2017, United States of America

    This transcript is not means to bash Ozark Bible Institute in any way (even though they are a cult). The whole concept of William attending Ozark Bible Institute is to punish William. Ozark is the strictest college I have found (handbook here ), and I am using the college as a "Boot Camp" for William. 

    Setting: The Violette1st Household, somewhere in rural-Maryland, Mid-August 2017

    Violette: "William!" 

    No Response

    Violette: "WILLIAM!"

    Still no response

    Violette: "WIIILLLIIIAAAM!"

    William: "WHAT!?"

    Bill walks toward the stairwell

    Bill: "William, get down here! It's very urgent!"

    William, surprisin…

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  • Rushwrj13
    • Attending Ozark Bible Institute for 4 years
      • After that he will be forced to attend Bob Jones University for 2 more years. 
    • After he has done six years at boot camp, he will be sat on by the heaviest NFL player for 5 minutes
    • 1,000º Shower
    • Getting "diarrhead" on
    • Getting braces for 10 years
    • Watching Barney for 10 hours
    • Running 2,000 laps around the house
    • Eating dog poop
    • Drinking urine from the toilet
    • Wearing nappies for the rest of his life
    • Grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for 28349063024865890346589043659803605624308658904386234986593024865839746589734625897696349603452968345243589963458896342592345234599623456345989683459243724359834566893452326948093406893425029345435629096324568345923459068869…
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