Ok, so since the popular vote on my blog about adding admins to this wiki was yes, I have decided to let you guys try to apply for admin. We will be promoting one of the candidates to admin on Wednesday, and that will be decided by how well you seem like you'll do the job. To apply, put your answer to each of these questions below in the comments. Whoever seems like they'll do the best job will get the job!

1. How many edits do you have? (be honest)

2. When did you join this wiki?

3. What would you say has been your best contribution so far?

4. How often are you on this wiki?

5. Do you have admin experience from another wiki? if so, which one(s)?

6. What will you do to improve the wiki if you become an admin?

7. If you caught a user spamming, what would you do?

8. If you caught a user diss tracking, what would you do?

9. If one user was harassing another, what would you do?

10. If a user swore, what would you do?

11. Do you personally feel like you're cut for being an admin?

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