Violette: Hello, YouTube! I'm here with William, and he came up with a way to get revenge on his father for the water from our last video. So, what's your idea, William?

William: (smiling) I'm gonna put these 2 clear thumb tacks on Bill's chair, so when he comes home, he'll get a painful surprise.

Violette: I think a divorce would be better, but I'm gonna let William do his thing.

William: Mom, can you get me a glue gun?

Violette: We don't have one honey. Can't you use tape instead?

William: (groans)Ugh. OK.

(Sped up footage of William doing the taping)

Violette: OK, so Bill should be back home any minute. As you can imagine, William is upstairs playing Xbox.

Violette: (walks over to stairs) WILLIAM!!

William: WHAT?!


William: (over his headphones) Guys, we'll do this later! (comes down stairs)

William: Can't wait to- (Bill enters the house)

Bill: I'm back. (sees William) Ok, what did that little dingbat do this time?!

William: I just decided to get off the Xbox.

Bill: (rudely) About time!

Violette: Isn't it great?

Bill: Yep. Well, I'm gonna just sit down and have my dinner. Ahhhhhhh- (sits on chair)


William: (laughing) Look on the chair.

Bill: (sees thumbtacks) WILL! YOU FRICKIN' IDIOT!

William: (bursts into laughter) That's for locking us out! Payback's a pain, ain't it?

Bill: (walks over to the fridge to get ice) I might need a frickin tetanus shot!!

Violette: I think you- (William interrupts)

William: No, those nails were rusty.

Violette: Oh, in that case, yeah! Come on Bill! You're going to the hospital.


William: (still laughing as Violette drives Bill to the hospital)

         ONE HOUR LATER...

(Violette opens door and enters the house as fast as he can)

William: Hey mom. Why the face?

Violette: Bill was diagnosed with cancer from all the junk food!

William: No he wasn't. (smiling)

Violette: Why are you smi- (Bill opens door and enters with a doctor)

Bill: (breaks into laughter) Gotcha good, Violette!

Violette: WHAT?!

Doctor: (takes mask off) Hey Aunt Violette.

Violette: ANDY?!

Andy: Yeah it's me. (laughing)

Violette: WHAT THE HELL?!

(All laugh except for Violette)

Andy: She's not happy man.

Violette: You guys got revenge coming your way!!

All boys: Do we now?

Violette: Yeah you're gonna get wrecked. How'd you even do that anyway?

Bill: We were planning it hon. I knew the thumbtacks were going there, so I made it look real. (Laughs)

Violette: Ugh.. you guys. *camera cuts*

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