• MaZano

    I am MaZano, an administrator from the Psycho Kid Wikia. Ever since the block of the users BrianME and Violette3rd, there has been an extreme amount of alternate accounts emerging from this Wikia. The accounts are disrupting the peace at our Wikia and are bothering our contributors.

    I have an offer to make to hopefully end this unnecessary drama. If we shorten BrianME's block to a week and unblock Violette3rd, these users will stop invading our Wikia with these pesky alternate accounts.

    However, whether or not this deal goes through and I STILL find that these alternate accounts are disrupting the peace even after BrianME and Violette3rd are unblocked, both users will be permanently blocked from the Psycho Kid Wikia.

    Does this sound like a deal? …

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