If you've seen the latest video KID GOES BALLISTIC OVER FAULTY MONITOR!!!, Violette has a crappy setup. So here are tips for her to follow to improve it and not deal with another KID GOES BALLISTIC OVER FAULTY MONITOR!!!.


I mean, seriously. The PC she has sucks. It is like 10 years old and not powerful. This PC might be the reason why the dual monitor setup didn't work. I say she get a better PC, and I don't mean those overkill one's that go for $10,000. Maybe something like a CyberPowerPC Gamer Ultra GUA580 Gaming Desktop PC since that goes for $620.


The monitors too, are bad. A ASUS monitor would look good, but those cost $2,000. Maybe a AOC e2470swd 24-Inch Class LED Monitor would be good for your setup since it cost $89.99.


No one likes messes, but Violette has some of the worst cleanness in her setup in gaming history. Some neatness in the cords and neatness on the desk would help.

Tip 4: GET A MAC

While Tim Cook is trying to ruin Macs lately with the USB-C only ports, the MacBook Air is still pretty good despite not being updated in like 2 years. A MacBook may solve it all and plus, William will know better than to smash the sexy Mac  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

And NO. I'm not saing all of this cause I'm a Violette1st hater. I'm just saying that her setup needs a little improvement before she's ready to edit. Hope you enjoyed it somehow and see you in the next blog?

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