• DacomptootA


    February 15, 2017 by DacomptootA

    One of my least favorite characters is Bill. My reasons are:

    He's always food hungry and will eat 12 Big Macs in 3 seconds

    He's calling people jerks for no reasons

    Ex: Me: Hi, Bill!

    Bill: Freaking jerk!

    He's terrorizing his family by destroying people's property

    One of the worst things he did was in GREATEST XBOX ONE S DESTRUCTION EVER!!!. Here, he ties up his son and burns his Xbox and gets Andy to help it by axing it. They then raid into his room and roast him. This is child abuse and made thousands of Xbox fanboys cry.

    We need Violette to divorce Bill and get him arrested and executive! If you agree, then let's start a hastag with #NoMoreBill

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