• CrazyMemeTroll699

    I regret going home from work that day.

    I got home from work that day and I saw William tied up in a chair with Bill and Andy. Scared, I grabbed my camera and I rushed to them.

    "What are you doing to him?!?!?" I yelled at them. "Nothing, he's going to pay the price." Bill said. "What do you mean pay the price?" I said terrified. "You know what he did! He destroyed my TV!!!!" Bill shouted. "But why is he tied up? And why is Andy smiling?" I questioned. "You'll see." Bill said. "Andy, go inside and do what you gotta do, understand?" "Yes, sir!" Andy responded as he went inside. "What is Andy doing? And can I at least talk to him?!?!" I asked impatiently. "Alright, but you better not go pass the line." "William what is going on?" I asked in wor…

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