He began his trouble in STALKED YOUTUBER LOSES IT!!! when he posted a video on YouTube where he followed William going to school. William went psycho and made him delete the video and all the recopies.

there is also a theory where his actually first appearance was the $85,000 Xbox Ebay Bid Where he got hold of the account then jacked the auction up to $85,000 He then asked if he could retract the bid, Violette did, and she lowered it down back to $84.00.

anyways his 2nd trouble he has made again to violette1st was the EBAY SCAMMER BRIBES INNOCENT CHILD!!! when he bidded $70,900 on William's old shoes and refused to pay for it. He and William had an online argument before Violette called it quits. It is unknown when he will strike next, but the family is getting prepared.

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