SON GLUES DADS BUTT TO TOILET SEAT!!! (Prank) is a prank/raging video uploaded onto the Violette1st channel on February 12, 2017.

Plot Edit

The family is leaving a buffet where Andy, William, and Bill over ate and are having diarrhea as a result. They are arguing over who should get to go first. As the boys argue, Violette attempts to offer a compromise, but Bill refuses to participate, due to him demanding to go first. When they get home, William runs inside and locks the family out to buy himself time to go to the bathroom, and he finishes just as Bill is about to have an accident. William exits the bathroom, but unknowingly to the other characters, superglued the seat. Bill selfishly entered the bathroom to go, and after William showed the viewers the superglue, Andy, William, and Violette went over to the bathroom door to discover that Bill had fallen victim to the glue. They search for a way to get him off, which William suggested they cut off the toilet seat. Violette told them to google it, and they found that soap with hot glue can do the job. The video ends with Andy laughing helplessly at Bill, and with Violette telling Bill they'd go to the store to get soap.

Trivia Edit

  • This video has more swears than any other raging video, with at least 4 uses of "sh*t", and Bill saying "How the hell am I gonna wipe my *ss!" several times. One Example: If you listen closely at 4:24, you can hear Bill yelling "You're gonna make me have a f***kin accident jerk"
  • This is often considered to be the funniest prank episode, due to the fact that at 10:02, Bill yells "WHAT THE HELL?! I CAN'T EVEN WIPE MY *SS!!!".