Mom auctions sons xbox for a penny is a video posted on violette1st and is the 54th video in the William's raging series playlist. It was uploaded on August 7, 2016.

Plot Edit

William's Mom explains that she is tired of William's behavior since William broke all of the dishes and refused to pay for the damages in WILLIAM SHATTERS THE DISHES!!!, so she said she will go and sell his Xbox One. She is about to do it when William comes down to see it. He begs her not to, but it's too late as she puts it up and the auction start. William gets angry and flips the table. Later on, a bid was placed on it. It was William as he was trying to get his Xbox One back.


The old auction can be viewed here:

The person who bidded $85K was not gonna pay and needed her to cancel it. Even if he had $85K, the ebay fees would be expensive. The new one can be viewed here:


  • This is the second time William's Xbox One gets destroyed/sold. The first being William's parents DESTROY his xbox one and later on in the series, GREATEST XBOX ONE S DESTRUCTION EVER!!!.
  • The Xbox was sold for over $295
    • It was proven that someone bidded the xbox for $90K on the old bid. However, the bid was deleted.
  • According to the update video on the bid, William has been acting nice lately and his mom decided to give him another Xbox.

Reception Edit

This video has gotten mixed reviews. This video has 11.5K likes and 10k dislikes as of May 27, 2017. Many people criticized the video for their parent's decision to auction off the Xbox, and taking their parenting decisions too far and even buying William a Xbox One S after all of the torture, though some people thought that William deserved it.

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