Itching prank on William is a video posted on violette1st on July 10, 2016 and is the 46th video in the William's raging series playlist.

Plot Edit

The video begins with Bill wanting to get William back for the LAXATIVE PRANK ON DAD!!!. So he gets some fiberglass that makes people itch crazy and puts it on William's back. William then gets itchy and scratches his back with a back scratcher, pot and a wooden spoon. His dad told him it was a prank and William isn't happy. His mom told him to take a shower, but William goes to the pool instead. He is still itching, but not as bad.


Although still not Andy's revenge, many people were glad that Bill got he payback from the laxative prank. Some theorize that this can be a start of the prank wars while others think there will be even bigger consequences...

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