DOMINO'S $7.99 DEAL GONE WRONG!!! is a video posted on the Violette1st Raging Videos Playlist and is the 69th video on the playlist.


The video begins with William arguing with his father on why Bill only got two pizzas and how it is not enough for William and thinking he will starve to death. Violette suggested the family can have salads with them but then William refuses and says salads are disgusting with Andy and Bill disagreeing with him because they like salads. William thinks Bill hates salads because he never seen him eat salads but Bill denies it saying he likes salads. After some arguing, the family goes inside and William grabs plates for the family especially giving Bill a small plate. William discovers that Bill has only ordered two pizzas with the same toppings: tomato and onion and freaks out because he dislikes those toppings but Bill likes them. William then ruins the first pizza by smashing raw eggs into it and then slams the pizza onto Andy. Andy and William then have a fight which causes William to have eggs in his hair and also causes Andy to have eggs in his shirt. With only one pizza left William then takes the other pizza into the front yard and pours gasoline on the pizza and burns the pizza making Bill very angry and says that William is buying him two more pizzas. Andy then threw the old Xbox One S (The one that He and Bill destroyed together as their ultimate revenge on William awhile ago in GREATEST XBOX ONE S DESTRUCTION EVER) in it and laughed making William mad thinking that incident wasn't funny and threatened to show the video to the police. William then burns the pizza with more gasoline as the flames started to get bigger and almost blew up the gasoline container and almost burning the front yard. He then gets sprayed by Bill when he came back with the hose and puts out the fire and William proceeds to bury the remains of the pizza.



  • This is the first time William burns food.