Violette finally gets a new internet router for faster speeds, but William doesn't know yet. So when William comes home with Bill, Violette and Bill decided to tell him, but William ran upstairs to play Xbox. Bill has tried several ways to get William's attention to get him downstairs to tell him the new like calling him down but it didn't work, so Bill tried turning off the old router, but William came down and turned it back on and yells at Bill and goes back up to play Xbox. Then Bill has another idea to unplugs the router with Violette blocking the stairway, so William can't get though with William yelling at her to move out of the way and hitting her hand and then Bill later come back in the house with his chainsaw and chainsaws the old router after William doesn't listen to his parents and played on this Xbox. This causes William to go crazy thinking they have no internet now. Violette shows William the new high speed router and at first, he is speechless. He looks at the new router and then eventually cheers and when he downloads a game, the speed is fast. William got so happy that he hugs Violette, tells his cat Whiney he loves him and then said he was sorry to his parents.


  • The video would later be cut down from 16:58 to 9:35. Violette reuploded it because a part of the video was missing.
  • This video was a video where William showed kind actions.